Collection: Bags

We turn vintage woollen blankets into weekend bags - upcycling denim jeans into straps, handles and pockets, and quilts into linings. No two bags are the same, and they're ideal for a night or weekend away, or as a carry-on bag for flights. 

We've started creating duffel bags from those hard to upcycle bits we end up with once we've deconstructed a pair of of denim jeans for the fabric we make bag straps and handles from. We're piecing waistbands together to make one of a kind duffel bags that are perfect for the gym or a quick grab and go bag for an overnight stay.

We also upcycle men's business suits into messenger bags. Thrift and charity stores struggle to resell all the donated suits they're given and so many end up going to landfill. We deconstruct them and using the suit lining, jacket pockets and even the original makers labels turn them into business smart shoulder bags for laptops or tablets.